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Nutrition & Lifestyle

Nutrition & LifestyleThe human body has a tremendous capacity to heal itself. The principle known as the healing power of nature is the foundation of naturopathic philosophy. Renee Schirmer’s goal as a Natural Health Consultant is to help you restore balance to your body, mind and spirit primarily with nutritional guidance and lifestyle modifications.

During your first visit with Renee a thorough history is taken, including questions about lifestyle, stress, diet, mental and spiritual state. Once all aspects of your life are examined, Renee will help you develop a plan to empower you to transform your life and create the terrain for vital living.

A principle objective of naturopathy is to educate individuals while emphasizing self-responsibility for health. Renee will help you learn new health habits and help you understand the interrelatedness of thoughts, emotions and physical health.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Eat according to your constitution
  • Avoid the number one cause of internal imbalance
  • Determine the right type of water to drink
  • Balance a meal and reduce cravings
  • Implement the number one technique for stress management
  • Shop at natural health food stores and watch out for unhealthy ingredients on labels
  • Experience and live in joy, love and service

About Renee Schirmer

Renee SchirmerRenee, owner of Regenesis Integrative Health Center in Encinitas, California is certified through I-Act, the International Association of Colon Hydrotherapists. She has been in the field of health and healing for 30 years. She is passionate about teaching people the benefits of a clean colon by way of colon hydrotherapy.The condition of our colon has very significant effects on every organ in the human body and our sense of well being in general. A colon hydrotherapy session may be considered a rejuvenation treatment for your body.

Our beautiful health clinic offers state of the art colon hydrotherapy, featuring the Angel of Water. If you are new to colon hydrotherapy, or even if you have used other methods, you are going to love this private, comfortable reclining chair experience.

We invite you to explore our natural approach to health! Call (760) 944-3953 for more information or to schedule a complimentary 15-minute consultation with Renee.